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Create a Windows phone for flowdock

Create a Windows phone for flowdock. Starting from window phone 7.5

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    Sherry Ummen shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →
    Matti Parviainen responded  · 

    Flowdock’s web app works relatively nicely with new Windows Phone models. We haven’t tested them all, but if you’re a WP user, try www.flowdock.com in the browser!


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      • Matt M commented  · 

        Since no one else has done it yet, I'll be the guy...
        SLACK HAS A WP APP!!!
        And now we wait - maximum wait of 3 weeks that is. Else it looks like I will be sold on Slack only :(

      • Matt Munich commented  · 

        Sure -- the web app works nicely on Windows Phone, but I would love to have notifications. That's where the rubber hits the road.

      • Matti Järvinen commented  · 

        Just wrap the mobile page with PhoneGap/Cordova and add notifications for WP

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        +1 for native app. I sent an email to flowdock support about this and they basically gave me the middle finger. I moved my company to another product because of the lack of WP support. Very stupid considering how easy it is to make WP apps.

      • Nate Brady commented  · 

        +1 to the request for a native app. Browser suggestion is a bit of a cop out dontchathink?

      • Lumia Business User commented  · 

        Kindly add a native windows phone app to your arsenal!

        We will love it to have.

      • Eemeli Kantola commented  · 

        Adding to my previous comment: it might be something related to WP8.1's version of Internet Explorer. In the WP10 preview, flow list scrolling seemt to work pretty much perfectly. So maybe that problem will go away with time :)

      • Nick Heiner commented  · 

        Yes, the web app does sorta work, but as others have noted, the lack of push notifications and the pain of scrolling through the list of flows is a bummer.

        Also, Microsoft Band integration would be amazing.

      • Eemeli Kantola commented  · 

        The web app kind of works, but (Lumia 820 w/ latest updates):
        - Scrolling the list of flows is horrible, in case you have a bit more than 10 of them. Half of the time I end up dragging (=rearranging) flows around instead of getting down/upwards.
        - It's generally in other respects also sluggish or non-responsive in regards of user experience.
        - No notifications.

        So basically I only use the web app only in case there's really no other way to access Flowdock and I need to send a single message or two. I would say scrolling the flows is by far the biggest showstopper.

      • Lauri Anttila commented  · 

        Yup, I just did that. Works quite well, I must say. Only problem is missing all push notifications and have to rely on email alerts. Also pinning the page to WP start screen just shows ugly screenshot from a flow :(.

        I've now been testing with iOS, Android and WP. Maybe not a surprise that iOS has worked out best.

        Maybe create a simple WP wrapper with Cordova and enable push :D?

      • Rich commented  · 

        Windows phone 7.5 is ridiculous but you should definitely have an 8/8.1 app...

      • Oskari Grönroos commented  · 

        3 votes from here too. It's annoying how WP is otherwise the ultimate business phone but some products like Flowdock completely even ignore web app compatibility on it, let alone make native apps.

      • Gary Lewis commented  · 

        Here's another vote for a window phone app.

      • Vesa Poikajärvi commented  · 

        I would be fine with the web app working ON windows phone properly. Usually it hangs when trying to post something and the scrolling is bad.

      • Sherry Ummen commented  · 

        Hey more than one year but still no development. Do you guys underestimating windows phone?

      • Sherry Ummen commented  · 

        oops; yes, its Windows Phone App...my bad :(

      • Rauno Huttunen commented  · 

        Windows phone app, I suspect. This would be nice!

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